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Insurable Crops and Crop Surcharges

Insurable crops, where grown for grain, seed or forage production, are listed below. If a crop is not listed please call Head Office.

Basic Rate 1.20x
Basic Rate
Basic Rate
Basic Rate
Basic Rate
Barley Canola Soybeans Lentils Anise
Canary Seed       Borage
Caraway Seed       Buckwheat
Corn (field)       Camelina
Coriander       Catnip
Fall Rye       Chick Peas (Kabuli, Desi,
Flax           Garbanzo)
Kamut       Chickling Vetch
Linola       Cicer Milkvetch
Millet       Dill
Oats       Dry Beans
Potatoes       Echinacea
Safflower       Faba Beans
Sorgum       Fenugreek
Speltz       Hemp
Spring Rye       Lupins
Sunflowers       Mint
Sunola       Mustard
Sun Wheat       Peola
Teff       Peas (Field)
Triticale       Peola
Wheat (all types)       Quinoa
Fodder crops grown for feed       Radish (seed)
        Russian Wild Rye
        Fodder crops grown for seed, grasses, clover, alfalfa, etc.

Note: Mixed crops are always rated according to the crop which is subject to the highest level of charge.

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