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Definition of Hail

Precipitation in the form of transparent or partially opaque balls or irregular lumps of concentric ice, and does not include sleet, snow and frozen or partially frozen rain.


  • All crops grown for grain, seed or forage production are insurable (see list of insurable crops & crop surcharges)
  • All crops are covered standing or in the swath
  • All crops are insured for loss from fire
  • Losses of 85% or over are assessed at 100%
  • Hail insurance coverage expires when the crop is harvested or October 15th
  • Fire insurance coverage expires when the crop is harvested or October 30th

Deductible Options

Full coverage, straight deductible coverage of 10 or 25 or disappearing deductible coverage of 10 or 20. Note - Deductibles reduce the premium paid as well as coverage. (see coverage options)

Limitation of Liability

Liability will not be accepted by the Association for any loss as a result of disease, insect damage, lodging, delayed maturity, or loss of market occurring in any insured crop which has been damaged by hail.

Early Storms

  • When crops are damaged by hail in the early stages of growth (prior to heading or podding) a loss factor may be applied in determining the payable loss.
  • In the event that crops hailed in early stages of growth receive frost damage, when other similar crops in the area which were not hailed are not frozen, the Association is prepared to review the claim. Evidence of the crop must be left unharvested and written request for review must be received on or before October 31st of the current year. For more information call the Association's office.

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