File a claim

SMHI, AMHL, and PMHL claim forms are available below

To file a claim

Mail, fax, phone or email your claim in to the office of the Association within 3 days of the storm.

For evidence to leave in the event that the hailed crop will be harvested prior to inspection, click here.

The Association maintains an adequate and continuous reinsurance program in view of the significant values at risk annually insured. This method of protection and risk transfer not only guarantees the payment of claims in heavy loss years but also provides financial stability for the organization.

Loss factors

Crops damaged by hail may be subject to a loss factor that is to be applied when calculating the payable loss. Factors will be applied in accordance with National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) loss adjustment procedures.

Municipal Hail employs 125 crop hail adjusters. These adjusters come from all walks of life and bring to the job of adjusting hail damage a great variety of real life experiences. They reside in different locations all across the agricultural belt of Saskatchewan which enables the Association to provide timely adjustment of damage incurred from a hail storm.

The Association strives to provide the most accurate, consistent and timely adjustments possible in order to fairly and accurately assess the damage sustained by our claimants' crops.

We constantly provide training seminars, both in the classroom and in the field. This is in an effort to provide our adjusting staff with the most current information on some of the new specialty crops being grown. It also provides them with the most up to date adjusting techniques to be used when assessing hail damage, in both new crops and the new varieties of existing crops.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute, the Association provides a claimant friendly review process. To find out more, click here or contact head office for more information.